Code of Conduct

AAJ’s Community Code of Conduct

Thank you for being part of AAJ’s Community! AAJ’s Community is for the exclusive use of AAJ members representing plaintiffs in civil actions or defendants in criminal actions.  Forwarding or distributing List Server messages and/or attachments to non-subscribers and copying (CC or BCC) non-subscribers on messages is prohibited. 

To ensure the best possible experience for all members, we have established guidelines for participation.  Consistent with the AAJ policies, members should:

  • Be kind and courteous and avoid posting or responding to messages that contain obscene, offensive, inflammatory, libelous, derogatory language, and/or personal attacks;
  • Post messages to the appropriate forum to ensure that my message reaches an audience interested in that type of message and direct miscellaneous postings that may be unfit for subject matter List Servers to the AAJ Members’ Meetroom List Server;
  • Refrain from soliciting participation in non-AAJ administered list servers or activities, including non-AAJ/state-TLA education programs, events, products, organizations, and services;
  • Refrain from soliciting clients or business;
  • Search the archive before requesting that an attachment be recirculated;
  • Delete all irrelevant information which add to the “noise” content of the message, such as headers, footers, security notices, and extraneous quoted material from the original message;
  • Abstain from posting information regarding legislative, regulatory, or other advocacy efforts that are contrary or could be deemed contrary to AAJ’s mission or run counter to AAJ’s strategic objectives; and
  • Adjust digest or notification settings on (these settings are available under Community Notifications in My Profile) and avoid posting these requests to the list server.

Failure to comply with the code of conduct can result in adverse actions, including but not limited to a suspension or expulsion from AAJ’s Community.  AAJ’s full terms and conditions  of use are available here

Contact directly with any questions or to report violations of this code.